SNCV Photos Part 4 (fleet numbers unknown)

We have now selected the best photos from our archive and present these to you in the form of a flash animation. Please note that you will have to have “flash” running on your computer – otherwise you will not see the images. More images will be added all the time… Enjoy!

Can you help to identify any of the vehicles shown? We’d be happy to send you a large resolution image for easier identification. Unfortunately, fleet numbers are either not visible or simply too small to be readable! Please contact us (use the comment function and mention the catalogue number 107-080-xxxxx-xx of the photo/photos in question). Thank you.

Dirk Eveleens Maarse has recently identified the following images:

60 cm gauge loco “La Scarpe” of French origin. bought by AMUTRA in
the 1960’s when there were plans to operate a 60cm line over part of
the TTA line

This is one of A.17906 or A.20143, closed vans of the Coastal route
equipped with a diesel generator for use as welding cars during track

Railgrinding trailer 89600, constructed in the 1950s using a steam
tram locomotive

Thank you!

Link to Slide Show

Most images in our collection are original colour slides. In a very few cases there are no details on the slide mounts and they may be duplicates. If you own the copyright of any of the images shown and object to them being displayed on our website we will of course remove them immediately. Please contact us in that case a.s.a.p. (use the comment function). Thank you.

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