SNCV Photos Part 1 (fleet numbers 1-500)

We have now selected the best photos from our archive and present these to you in the form of a flash animation. Please note that you will have to have “flash” running on your computer – otherwise you will not see the images. More images will be added all the time… Enjoy!

Link to Slide Show

Most images in our collection are original colour slides. In a very few cases there are no details on the slide mounts and they may be duplicates. If you own the copyright of any of the images shown and object to them being displayed on our website we will of course remove them immediately. Please contact us in that case a.s.a.p. (use the comment function). Thank you.

Website Content

We are now back with new content: photos of the SNCV – a rolling tram museum!

There are 6 new posts available – each with a flash slideshow showing you lots of SNCV photos taken during the last 40 years. Select a post from the menu on the right. We will now concentrate on scanning more material. When we have scanned it all we plan to include location details and dates with each file name. If you want to know this data for a particular image (file names are displayed at the bottom of each flash slideshow) you can get this from this pdf-file (list includes all images shown here – sorted by file name).